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The Bomber Saltwater Grade Mullet is a slow-sinking twitch/walking lure that catches all species of inshore gamefish, including speckled trout, redfish, striped bass and more. Available in eight brand new saltwater-specific color patterns, the Bomber Saltwater Grade Mullet weighs 5/8-ounce and casts well even against the ever-present wind. At 3 ½-inches in length, the Mullet fits into the most-effective size category to appeal to all inshore fish. 

  • Realistic baitfish finishes
  • Slow sinking twitch bait
  • Ideal size for targeting several inshore gamefish
  • Saltwater tough
Model Size (in.) Weight (oz.) Hooks
BSWM7 3 1/2-in. 5/8-oz. #2 Saltwater


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