Certified Depth

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The Bomber Saltwater Grade Certified Depth saltwater lure performs its irresistible death dance at a depth of 25-to 30-feet and is built to withstand brutal attacks from the biggest and baddest in the salt. Along with an ultra-high-modulus, puncture-resistant body and super-duty hardware, this bait features a wire-through skeletal structure that links all key components, creating an all-but-unbreakable link to the oceanic food chain.

Ultra-high-modulus, puncture-resistant body

Super-duty hardware

Size Count Weight  Hooks Cranking Depth
6-in. 1 2-oz. 4/0 Saltwater Hook 25-ft.
8-in. 1 4-oz. 5/0 Saltwater Hook 30-ft.
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