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Spoon Fed : Nate Johnson
This past saturday I had a high tide first thing in the morning and i was on the hunt for some redfish. The particular area I had in mind has a great population of fish that are highly pressured. The area is mostly grass flats with scattered shell bars around two feet of water. I tried throwing spinner baits but for some reason it was spooking them and weedless swim baits weren't getting the job done either. I went through my arsenal and found the Bomber Saltwater Grade Who Dat spoon shining in the morning sunlight. As a kid there wasn't many lure selections out there and being successful at catching redfish at high tide usually ended in tying on a gold spoon. I don't know why i got away from throwing this amazing bait but this past weekend reminded me of just how good it is! The Who Dat spoon casts a mile, and works great as a search bait, I also found that it was almost completley weedless, the wobble action seems to deflect the spartina grass as it flutters through. I caught fish on a steady retrieve, yo-yoing it, and even jerking it and pausing it, letting it flutter down to the bottom like a wounded baitfish. So if your ever struggling to catch redfish at high tide and the fish just dont seem to wanna eat. Take it back to basics and tie on a Bomber Who Dat gold spoon. (Posted on 2/23/2016)

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Who Dat Metal Spoon

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Bomber Saltwater Grade Who Dat Metal Spoons swing wide for tremendous flash to trick big redfish, speckled trout and other fish. The Who Dat Metal Spoon features a patented weedguard with two red beads that mimic the eyes of a shrimp, and a stainless steel hook that’s attached through the body with a super-secure screw instead of solder. It's tough, effective and casts long distances even in strong wind. Like every Bomber Saltwater Grade lure, the Who Dat Metal Spoon is 'Built to Dominate' with saltwater-tough materials, superior finishes and top-notch construction.

Length Weigh Hooks Crank Count Species
2 5/8 in 1/2 oz 5/0 Shallow


Redfish, Speckled Trout


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