3 Wire Flash

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Umbrella rigs come full circle with the 3-Wire Flash, a castable saltwater version made for taking on tough inshore predator fish.

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The Bomber Saltwater 3-Wire Flash is castable umbrella rig designed for saltwater anglers. The 3-Wire Flash has saltwater-tough snaps, swivels and super wire that create a tough, durable, castable rig. The durable loops midway down each of the three arms hold a saltwater grade snap and swivel for flashing blades or additional lures. The connection of the wire lure arms on the 3-Wire Flash are doubly reinforced for toughness and to ensure that bull reds, giant stripers, big bluefish or any other gamefish that strikes comes right to the boat.

  • Saltwater-grade wire and hardware for the toughest predators out there
  • Spinning blades for more flash and vibration

  • Unlimited ability to mix and match blades and baits


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