This is the best top water bait available. I use them primarily at first light and just until the sun gets up a little. What you need to look for first is what bait is around, then match your color with the Badonk-A-Donks, I fish in South West Florida in Charlotte Harbor and there is a lot of mullet, so I love throwing the mullet color on and working the mangrove edges for Snook and the mullet schools for Redfish. The Mangroves are a great ambush area for Snook, They will hide behind any part of the mangrove that jets out creating a point that the current flows around. They like to sit right behind areas like that and ambush their prey, so the right thing to do is to throw your lure up current and walk the dog back to you as close to that point as you can and ( Bang Bang ) Fish On!!!!

Now for the Redfish, work the Mullet schools! The Mullet are vegetarians and when they are rooting around in the grass for a meal they are also scaring all the small crabs and shrimp, along with the pinfish out, and the Redfish will swim in among the Mullet and take advantage of a good thing. They will wait for the baits to get spooked and flee the area they called home and the Reds will move in for an easy meal. The reason I went into that much detail is to let everyone know to (Fish The MULLET), anytime you see a school of Mullet work your lures around them for Redfish.

For the Trout, I like to look for 3 to 4 ft of water with turtle grass. Also in the grass if you have some sandy potholes it's even better. I set up a slow drift across the flat and I like to work the Badonk-A-Donks slow until you get a trout that takes a swipe at it then I will stop it completely for about 2 seconds then start my retrieve again, and most times they will hit it once you start your retrieve again. Trout will follow your lure all the way to the boat a lot of times so don't give up on your retrieve till you reach the boat.

Captain Ryan Rowan
Host of Reel Saltwater Outdoor Fishing Show WENG Radio 107.5 FM