Louisiana Fly-Out Redfishing

October 8, 2013

Amid the endless oil platforms, gators and miles of estuary and bayou, Jean Lafitte redfish guide and outfitter Theophile Bourgeois (pronounced “Toe-Feel Bour-Jwa,” often with a “Ayy-eeeee” after it) carved a unique niche. Nowhere else on the Louisiana coast will a crazy Cajun fly you out to the Chandeleur Islands to fish for virtually untouched populations adult redfish and speckled trout.


Tips To Walk-The-Dog Underwater For Big Reds And Trout

September 20, 2013

Surface strikes can be seducing. A splish here -- a splash there -- a roll in the middle of a baitfish school; these sights are all virtually irresistible to topwater fishing fans. No segment of the saltwater market is more passionate about their preferred methodology than surface pluggers. The opportunity to get an exciting “blowup” is what they live for. Many anglers report they’d rather “catch one fish on topwater than 10 any other way.” Really? No…really?


Where To Find Fish Right Now

September 11, 2013

Wise anglers figure out how to let the water work for them. Coastal ecosystems can span millions of acres and range from vast marsh to deep channels. Being able to read the water and weather well enough to know where fish will be moving is crucial in successful fishing. That is why during the fall, the most successful anglers fish passes. A pass is the sometimes-narrow link from one area, such as a marsh, to the main body of water. It also can link two of the same types of areas, such as a channel that connects two mashes. One of the main reasons fish like these “bottleneck” areas is that current is magnified, but seasonal migrations factor in as well.


Sharks on Topwater

August 8, 2013

“Shark!” That is what angler Jason Laughlin shouted as topwater offering meant for speckled trout was savaged by razor sharp teeth. “We went out to catch trout and redfish and there were sharks all over the place feeding on the surface. Me and my friend Jimmy Owens figured we might as well have some fun so we started targeting the sharks on topwaters and it worked. To this day it was one of my best days on the water,” he said.


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