Speckled Trout Bite Hot Now On Florida's First Coast

November 3, 2011

The wind was up and the temperature down one recent winter morning as friend Mike Hayes of Jacksonville, Fla., my son, Eric, and I launched our 22-foot Pathfinder bay boat at the ramp in downtown Fernandina Beach. We were after speckled trout and heard the bite was (and still is) going strong. We chose the Fernandina area because this region of extreme Northeast Florida has a vast inshore labyrinth of creeks and rivers offering shelter from even the strongest wind from virtually any direction.


Texas Coast Flounder Hotspots

May 19, 2011

The flounder population is higher than any time since the early 1990s, and anglers all along the Texas coast are discovering (and rediscovering) this tasty, sporty flat fish. Here are some of the best Texas coast flounder hotspots, and how to catch them. For the land bound do-it-yourself angler, the Galveston area offers incredible opportunities, beginning with the surf. The rock jetties along the beach are highly underrated in terms of flounder opportunities. They line the surf along much of the island and are a magnet for flatfish.


Boat Positioning For More Redfish

April 7, 2011

Bull redfish. The mention of those two words brings to mind images of power, aggression and rods doubled over. Bull redfish are the large breeding-size representatives of the redfish population and during the early fall period they are easily accessible to anglers fishing jetty systems. They are easily accessible -- but not necessarily easy to catch. Many anglers make the mistake of assuming any location on the rocks will produce bulls.


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